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Tark: Hindi Debate

Tark: Hindi Debate

A debate is, basically, an argument. That is not to say that it is an undisciplined shouting match between parties that passionately believe in a particular point of view. In fact the opposite is true. Debating has strict rules of conduct and quite sophisticated arguing techniques and you will often be in a position where you will have to argue the opposite of what you believe in.

Tark is the the name given to Hindi debate competition of Antaragni. Like all debates it is all about pouring one's thoughts in a simple and logical way in concord with the theme or subject given to one.

Tark in Antaragni

This event will consist of three rounds.

First round will be extempore. Each participant will be given a topic and 15 seconds to think over it, and then he/she will have to speak for 2+1 minutes. Participant must speak for at least 2 minutes; otherwise he or she may lose some points.

Based on performance in 1st round 12 participants will be chosen for the 2nd round.

2nd round will also be extempore, but not a normal extempore a lot more than that. Rules for the 2nd round will be disclosed after the 1st round.

8 participants will be selected for the final round which will be Debate. Topic for debate will be posted on the website 10 days before the festival begins. Participants will get sufficient time for preparation of 3rd round.

In final round each participant will be given time of 5+2 minutes for putting across his/her points and drawing a conclusion.

Participants have to participate individually in this event.

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